What You Need To Say

Full Moon in Aries

October 9, 2022, 4:55 pm EDT

What You Need To Say
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Meditation For Inner Balance

What You Need To Say

Libra season raises the issue of finding ways to communicate and collaborate about personal and social issues. It also refers to the importance of including other viewpoints in the conversation. Now, the Full Moon in Aries highlights knowing what you need to say and then saying it in a confident, constructive way.

It Takes Courage

Like the hero on the horse, Aries the Pioneer gallops forward to kick start the mythological journey. In modern psychology, Aries represents the basic idea of selfhood and rising to the occasion when called. It takes courage to take a stand, especially when you feel vulnerable and afraid. As individuals we must learn to assert ourselves as a necessary part of growth and development. However, when the shadow side of Aries erupts, it twists assertion into aggression and violence. We see this happening so easily, so regularly, in the current paradigm. This epitomizes the misuse of the expressive Aries fire in the form of overcompensation, which masks deep insecurity and an inability to face one’s own emotional pain.

Tend To Your Wounds

Armed with this information, you can see that the roots of violence originate in untended wounds. With wounded healer Chiron also in Aries, we are each being asked to do the work of tending to our own wounds. We need to enact new models of harnessing the masculine, or yang, principle, starting with ourselves. In order to achieve balance, external actions must be paired with equal internal contemplation. Fortunately, Mercury’s return to Libra suggests bringing a thoughtful and inclusive perspective into your communication with others. Your natural charisma emerges when you intend to connect and speak from the heart. Don’t be afraid to tap your sense of the greater good – trust that other people need to hear it.

Speak Up With Courage And Grace

At the New Moon, you sought inner balance. Now at the Full Moon, ask yourself what you need to say from this place of equanimity. Pay attention to what interferes with your ability to speak up with courage and grace. There is valuable information here. Collaboration becomes possible when you stand your ground yet adopt a cooperative approach for common benefit.

Aries: Stand up for your own personal evolution. Reflect on how you relate to and balance your masculine side.

Taurus: Speak from your relationship to your higher consciousness. Ask yourself how and in what situations you are your own worst enemy.

Gemini: Recognize and speak from your strength as a leader in your community. Question what wound causes you to falter in groups.

Cancer: Be brave and speak up for yourself in your professional or public life. Recognize what has held you back from asserting yourself in your chosen work.

Leo: Share your expansive worldview with courage. Ask yourself what holds you back from recognizing the brilliance of your critical thinking skills.

Virgo: Trust your ability to navigate the territory of other people’s intense emotional issues using your courage and your voice. Notice what wounds you have that make this particularly challenging.

Libra: Stand up and communicate your needs in your primary relationship(s). Reflect on what prevents you from fully giving of yourself in one-on-one intimate connections.

Scorpio: Commit to regular exercise, good nutrition, and meditative practices as a statement of standing up for your physical health. Ask yourself what makes it so difficult to prioritize self-care.

Sagittarius: Stand up and voice your commitment to your solo creative pursuits and the need to play. Ask yourself what prevents you from a full immersion into joy.

Capricorn: Say what needs to be said in regards to your home, living situation, or family of origin. Inquire what triggers make this extra difficult.

Aquarius: Stand up and say what needs to be said to your siblings or in your immediate environment. Ask yourself what holds you back from doing this more often.

Pisces: Stand up and speak up for your self worth. Check in with yourself regarding a deep-seated self-esteem issue that may drive your behavior.

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