Winter Solstice: Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius

The Global Crossroads

At Winter Solstice, jovial Jupiter unites with stern Saturn in Aquarius to kick off a major new era of human perspective. For the first time in 800 years, these two planets collude in an Air sign. They align every 20 years, and for the past two centuries, this convergence has occurred chiefly in the Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

What Does This Mean?

Switching from Earth to Air opens a doorway from materialism into a realm of collective reinvention. As the industrial age spirals down into a quagmire of profits over people and over-extraction of natural resources, an opportunity to reimagine the future comes to light.

Aquarius holds the archetypal keys of the Revolutionary, the Scientist, and the Genius. We can free ourselves from this shortsighted dualistic prison and create a society that values critical thinking and scientific reasoning. The times demand that we awaken to the fundamental truth of all living together on one planet. We must elevate our understanding of interdependence to encompass other sentient beings and question our human role in the ecosystem. Can we glimpse a way to reframe our economy within the reality of finite resources? On the equality front, we need to investigate the deeper causes of racism and oppression to find collaborative answers.

Inhale, Exhale

Like the expansion and contraction of breathing, the opposite themes of Jupiter and Saturn ask us to balance growth with the necessary limit of reality. Jupiter broadens horizons, but without structure, it can easily balloon into pomposity and excess. On the other hand, hard-working Saturn signifies discipline and consequences. Without higher ideals, it becomes oppressive and negating. Together in Aquarius they represent the possibility for profound evolution.

Your Part To Play

Each of us plays a part in this fight to raise consciousness, as the ground ripples and roils beneath our feet. We have all suffered losses amidst the pandemic and continue to witness deeply divided ideologies and major environmental shifts. On a personal level, think about what area of your life holds this innovative energy. If you know your Rising Sign, use it to locate Aquarius’s placement in your horoscope. Otherwise, use your Sun sign. Through what means can you harness collective power in your relationships? Read below to illuminate where to focus your clear-eyed vision and effort.

Aries: Through standing strong with your communities

Taurus: Through your contribution to society via your profession

Gemini: Through wrestling with and illuminating metaphysical questions

Cancer: Through clarifying how you interact with others intimately

Leo: Through innovating your partnerships

Virgo: Through taking care of your health

Libra: Through expressing your creative powers

Scorpio: Through reinventing your family life

Sagittarius: Through re-engaging with your neighbors and neighborhood

Capricorn: Through examining your value system and income sources

Aquarius: Through your self-presentation

Pisces: Through developing deeper empathy for all

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