Astrology Wisdom


Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.   

~ Albert Einstein

Here you can find more information about the wild, wonderful, and weird world of astrology. The posts here are intended for your understanding and use in your own self-study. Under Astrology Basics, you will find more about the basic building blocks of the astrology language. The Planetary Movements tab describes current planetary motions and how they might impact you. The Self-Study section offers educational components to help you further understand your natal astrology and the cycles of life. 

You can also find Hidden Path’s library of free meditations in the dropdown tab. These are typically 10 minutes long and designed to fit your busy schedule. I find that I get the best benefit when I try out one and stick with it for the entirety of the zodiac season. I also offer personalized meditations as an add-on with your natal consultation, designed with your astrological make-up in mind, which we agree on together. 



Elemental Understanding

Elemental Understanding I love the simplicity of the four elements and resonate with their rich imagery. The four elements form […]