Your Capacity For Compassion

Full Moon In Pisces

September 10, 2022, 5:59am EDT

Your Capacity For Compassion
Water Lilies by C. Monet


“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries.  Without them humanity cannot survive.” ~ Dalai Lama

Your Capacity For Compassion

The Full Moon in Pisces shines a light on the human ability to idealize and dream up whole new worlds, as a counterbalance to the dry, efficient Virgo season. For the Sun in Virgo and the opposing Pisces Moon illustrate the tug-of-war between the tedium of necessary tasks and the seductive lure of the untamed imagination. This Full Moon also challenges you to stay tethered to tangible things, like your body and your routines, while allowing your capacity for compassion and understanding to expand.

The Cool Balm Of Empathy

While both Virgo and Pisces are deeply concerned with being helpful to others, they differ in the method and scale. Virgo rolls up its sleeves and sets about cleaning up, making food, and tinkering with the sound system. Meanwhile, intuitive Pisces aims to heal by applying the cool balm of empathy and forgiveness to suffering. To stay in balance, this sensitive sign requires quiet retreat, transcendent art, or immersion in mystic states. The chief danger for Pisces occurs when it loses touch with reality, withdraws completely from the world, or succumbs to the lies and delusions of others.

Think Before You Speak

Part of reestablishing your routines during this Virgo season includes taking refuge in stillness to contemplate your ideals. As the week unfolds, you may discover an opportunity to act on these ideals immediately, in a way that creates a new opening. With Mercury now retrograde in Libra, you benefit from slowing down and reviewing your relationships. Despite desiring harmony, you may feel a dispute brewing. Make a commitment to think before you speak. Resist the urge to make cutting verbal remarks. Instead, be curious about the other person’s point of view and access the empathy you cultivated at the Full Moon. You’ll thank yourself for it later.

Grounding And Transcendence

Let the energy of the Full Moon in Pisces infuse you with a sense of compassion for all beings. Enjoy your time in an elevated magical or intuitive state before coming back down to earth. When you stay grounded in the area of life that holds the sign of Virgo, you liberate another area for transcendent growth.

Aries: Anchor your body through your health and fitness routines so that you can retreat to inner stillness and contemplate your connection to the collective.

Taurus: Diligently commit to creative pursuits that bring you joy and be willing to share your vision with your community. You may be surprised at the level of unconditional support you receive.

Gemini: Take care of your home space and family members so that you can more easily offer your empathetic emotional energy in your profession or public life.

Cancer: Navigate your daily life with skill and efficiency so you focus your full attention on opening your mind to inspirational visions and mystical thoughts.

Leo: Find ground through getting your own values and finances on track, which clears the way for you to know what you can offer to others with unconditional compassion.

Virgo: Take care of your practical needs first so that you can be available and empathetic to what others need in your one-on-one connections.

Libra: Meditate on your inner convictions and your considerable organizational skills so that you can take the steps you need to bring a touch of magic and inspiration to your daily health routines.

Scorpio: As you apply your utilitarian skills to help your community, welcome the love you receive in return. Let this free you to find inspiration in your imaginative creative pursuits.

Sagittarius: As you increase your competence and efficiency in your professional or public life, see how it liberates you to bring an empathetic and intuitive perspective into your home life.

Capricorn: Notice your easy ability to employ broad perspectives and critical thinking into your worldview. Let your inspiring ideals uplift the ordinary day-to-day living with empathy.

Aquarius: Use your practical skills to set clear boundaries with others, so that you can find deeper self-love, the hardest spiritual practice.

Pisces: Recognize how your significant organizational skills benefit your partnerships. Embrace your sensitive character and honor your transcendent ability to dream of a better world.

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