The Transcendent Moment

Your Sun and Moon: Aligning Your Inner and Outer Nature

Your Sun and Moon: Aligning Your Inner and Outer Nature

We go through life. We shed our skins. We become ourselves.

~Patti Smith

The Transcendent Moment
photo by Sarah Date

You undoubtably know your Sun sign, but how about your Moon sign? The Moon sign confers vital information about your emotional makeup and inner world. Getting familiar with both helps you to deepen your understanding about the motivation that fuels your behavior and actions. As you learn how these two personality components relate and function together, it helps you clarify your emotional drive, how you express yourself, and how you create relationships with yourself and others.

The Sun symbolizes the identity you shine outwardly others and your potential for being fully present. Some people strongly identify with their Sun sign, whereas others do not. This is because the Sun is just the tip of the iceberg in astrology. We are all far more than what the Sun alone represents. The Moon brings in a symbol for grappling with your reigning emotional need and your chief ego struggle. It traverses all twelve signs in a month, changing sign roughly every 2½ days. The Moon reflecting the too bright brilliance of the Sun is an analogy for being able to work with the emotional material the Moon represents. We must go inward to manifest the life that we want, a striving that only becomes possible by its softer light.

So much of Astrology is about relationships.  Understanding the relationship between your Sun and Moon reveals how your inner motivations and your external actions align with each other. The degree to which you can ally the contemplative dimension of the Moon to the outer manifestations of the Sun illustrates your personal integrity. The more you work with the ego struggle via the lessons of the Moon, the more the fully awakened potential of the Sun becomes possible. Let’s talk briefly about the various relationship interaction by sign.

First, if the Sun and Moon are in the same sign, they fuse together in a natural synchronicity between your emotional and public life. Your challenge is to direct all that power appropriately. In contrast, when they are three signs apart, the Sun and Moon conflict through this stressful square configuration and you must work very hard to align the two different energies. This combination is well-suited to lots of personal growth.

Luminaries that are one sign apart shows the emergent nature of the signs, with each one essentially a remedy to the energy of the one before. Here a person is being asked to address a particular section of the zodiac in an evolving way. A two-sign separation indicates an opportunity that must be acted upon for productive expression. Four signs apart show a harmonious flow of understanding. A five-sign contrast expresses as awkward yet clarifying, and the requirement to make an adjustment to accept the challenge. Six signs apart, an opposition, is conducive to a polarizing awareness and sharp clarity. Addressing tension by working with both is mandatory for balance.

For example, on a personal note, I experienced a powerful revelation once I learned that my Leo Sun squares my Scorpio Moon. It gave me a meaningful context for accepting and balancing this daily struggle. Honoring both the inner Scorpionic desire for solitude and the Leo insistence on public recognition is a demanding study in self-awareness.



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